Fine artist

Gabriele Bucyte
Hi, since you are already here I would like to introduce my self. So lets start ever since I was a kid I always loved to draw. Painting and drawing were so natural for me that I couldn't live without it. Well, you probably imagine that my drawings weren't as good as they are now, however, I always had a good eye for colors. I create photo realistic artworks of variety of animals , flowers and people portraits as well . As an artist, I want to bring more colors and happiness to people life. My journey as an artist began not so long ago but I am constantly working on my art and trying to make it better and better . If you would like to buy one of my original drawings just contact me. Commissions are also accepted contact me for that as well .O and one more thing do not hesitate and quickly check my artwork and who knows maybe you are going to like it .
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